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Plotting land @ Kanchan Basti, Satungal

Per Aana: Rs 1,400,000

Listed by: Prakash Subba

Mobile: 9802070333, 9841570333

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City: Chandragiri
District: Kathmandu
Exact Location: Kanchan Basti
Address: Satungal
Land Type: Residential
Neighborhood: Dhawalagiri Awash Kshetra Satungal.
Country: Nepal
Per aana: Rs 1,400,000
Land size: 4,5,6,7,8,9 aana
Access road width : 20 ft
Status: Active
Per Ropani/Kattha: Call For Price
Full Address: Kanchan Basti, Satungal, 300 meter inside from Kanchan Basti Gate. For exact location View a map of the area
Full Description: Plotting land for sale at Kanchan Basti, Satungal, Chandragiri Municipality Kathmandu. Plotting land are available as your requirement, minimum land starts from 3 aana. Each plot has 20 ft access road, situated at height area of the Kanchan Basti.
This listing has been posted at 30/11/2017 and updated at 30/11/2017.